Discontinued – RustAid Bathroom Toilet Tabs


Goof Off RustAid Bathroom Toilet Tabs remove the toughest rust and hard water stains in your toilet bowl.  This toilet bowl cleaner effectively works the first time to eliminate difficult rust and hard water stains for 45 days.  The rust stain remover tabs are safe for use in all color toilets and are safe for plumbing and septic systems.  To use, simply drop one of the toilet tablets in the toilet bowl and let dissolve. Scrub around to tackle problem areas. Two tablets are included in each box, so each box has a 90-day supply.   Like magic, you will see what an unbelievable stain remover these toilet drop-ins are.  If you are looking at other rust remover bathroom cleaners, look no further.  The Goof Off RustAid Bathroom Toilet Tabs will keep the rust out and have your toilet sparkling.  Read & follow all label directions.

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