Rust Stain Removers


Rust Stain Remover Outdoor 1 Gallon

Available in sizes: 1 Gallon

Rust Stain Remover Outdoor 1 Gallon

Available in sizes: 1 Gallon

"Lawn sprinklers made my yard look great….my driveway….not so much."

Goof Off® Rust Stain Remover Outdoor works safely on exterior walls, foundations, driveways and more. It’s the fast, easy way to remove and prevent rust stains outdoors.

  • Ideal for cleaning exterior walls, driveways, foundations, fences, sheds, lawn furniture, boat decks, boat covers and more
  • Use on concrete, stucco, wood, fiberglass, brick, painted surfaces & vinyl siding
  • Great for rust stains caused by well water sprinklers
  • No rubbing or scrubbing needed
  • Stains simply dissolve away
  • Use to remove lime scale and calcium deposits, too
  • Item# GSX00101

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How to use:

  1. Apply full-strength using a garden sprayer, cloth, roller or sponge
  2. Allow stain to disappear and rinse
  3. Repeat if necessary

Note: Wear eye protection and rubber gloves during use. Every surface is different, so always apply on an inconspicuous area before using. Will etch glass if not rinsed immediately. Spray surrounding plants and grass with water before and after use. Do not apply to any paint, stain or surface containing iron oxide pigments. Let dry and wait for test results before application.